“The Magic Words”, the secret of the magic words (English article)

Today we are going to share the activity “The Magic Words”, an activity created for the teaching and learning English. The purpose of the activity is the reading and writing.


  • It is a corner in the wall dedicated to the magic word. Here we can see an example:



As we can see in the picture, the corner is announced with a big title. It is a writing words space for all the different teaching levels, as we can see the different styles of script on the picture.


It contains: 

  • Interesting vocabulary just learnt recently.  Students choose which word they want to share on the wall. The teacher guides students and surpervise the activity.


  • Vocabulary writen on the wall. It can be written because students think it is important, because they can remember it, because they can look at it as a guide to use it later….


  1. Purpose:

-Encourage interest for learning English vocabulary.

-Impuls the group work and team work.

-Give students shared and significant references.

-Give students stratgeies for learning, in this case, learning vocabulary.

-Practice writing and reading.


2. Adressed to:


Students of Primary and Secondary Education.


3. Results:

-Big interest in sharing references that each student has with the rest of the classmates. The interest and participation of students increases.

– Interest for learning new vocabulary increase.

-Improvement of English reading and writing students competence.


4. Conclusion

It seems like a traditional vocabulary list, although the difference is the “magic touch”, the students cooperation and participation. The fact that the vocabulary list is shared by all students from different levels makes that the activity becomes more attractive. It is very motivating for students.